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Lumino is committed to providing you with the finest natural and organic solutions for your wellness and beauty.

Exfoliating or scrubbing  is an essential yet sometimes overlooked component of body care.  Organic Coconut Oil & Salt Scrub removes dead skin cells and allows topically applied products to penetrate into the lower skin layer.

Lumino Wellness’ Microderm Himalayan Salt Glow is a natural alternative to  invasive and costly microderm abrasion procedures, that use aluminum crystals.  It sloughs off dead skin cells, exposing the lower layer of skin and promoting new cell growth.  Follicles that have been blocked by impurities and dead skin cells are cleansed, resulting in smoother and softer skin.  For more natural body care solutions, to find a local retailer carrying Lumino Wellness products or to order online, visit

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