Wild Chaga Mushrooms vs Cultivated


Wild Chaga Mushrooms, Inonotus obliquus, are found in cold temperate forests in the northern hemisphere. It is a rare and highly prized mushroom that grows on birch trees under extreme climatic conditions.

Humans have harvested wild Chaga for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. David Wolfe, a prolific superfoods author, has labeled Chaga the “king of medicinal mushrooms”.

Lumino’s Chaga Mushrooms are harvested from birch trees in a remote Alaskan forest, where the temperature is the coldest that trees will grow.

Guidelines in Alaska mandate that harvesting wild Chaga should not damage the birch tree host. Sustainable harvesting methods allow trees to recover from the harvest and fosters regrowth of the Chaga.

After harvesting, Lumino uses low temperature drying techniques to preserve all the vital enzymes and nutrients. The Chaga is then milled and packaged in large oxygen-bleached paper sachets for easy brewing. 100% wild-crafted Chaga mushroom powder harvested and processed in the USA.

Brewing the Chaga releases the essences and energies that have been stored in the Chaga fibers.

There are numerous commercially cultivated Chaga products. Instead of growing outdoors on birch trees under extreme conditions, cultivated Chaga is are often grown indoors and harvested just a few months after sowing into its growing medium.

Many of Chaga’s enzymes, antioxidants, and antibiotics appear to develop only as a side effect of years in a harsh environment. Cultivated Chaga is not involved in a struggle for survival and therefore will not develop the same range of complex antioxidants and other components.

Lumino’s Chaga Powder comes with brewing instructions along with recipes for food and beverages.


Diatomaceous Earth and Ginger for Natural Cold and Flu Remedy


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) cleanses and prepares your body for Ginger’s many benefits.

DE indirectly heals various aliments by ridding the body of parasites, bad bacteria, protozoa, endotoxin, fungi, viruses, pesticide, and drug residues.

Ginger root is a common ingredient in Asian and Indian cuisine. However, ginger has also been used for centuries, in many cultures, for its medicinal properties.

Ginger contains chemicals known as sesquiterpenes that specifically fight rhinoviruses, the leading cause of the common cold.

Recipe for 1 quart all natural cold and flu remedy.

Combine 5 tablespoons freshly grated ginger with 1 quart water and bring just to a boil. Remove from heat and let steep or 12 minutes. Strain ginger from tea and stir in 1 tablespoon of food grade Diatomaceous Earth, 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar, juice from fresh squeezed lemons can be substituted. Add honey to taste, organic honey is best.

Honey coats the throat and relieves irritation. Its antioxidant and antimicrobial work to fight viral infections.

If you wish to reheat this cold and flu remedy, use a small pot on stove top and stir while heating to just below boiling.

When buying Diatomaceous Earth, be sure it is Food Grade and contains 89% to 92% silica. Silica is a mineral every mammal on the planet needs for survival.

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What to expect from Lumino’s Support Formula for Hair, Skin and Nails


When we are young, Silica levels in our body are high and our bones and joints are flexible. Our skin is supple and glowing. As we age, Silica levels decline and without adequate tissue levels of Silica, we manifest many of the symptoms of aging.

Lumino’s Support Formula is derived from multiple sources of Silica and amino acids.

After ingesting for just a few days, many individuals report that they have increased and longer lasting energy, a reduction in joint pain and movement is easier.

Another initial difference is how much stronger and faster fingernails grow, along with an increased shininess. This is followed by changes to the hair. Hair is more light reflective, smoother and easier to manage. Because this formula rebuilds hair shafts even the color becomes more vibrant. If currently coloring your hair, you may find that your natural hair color is more interesting.

Silica can be of great value when the skin begins to sag. Having sufficient and well-toned collagen from Silica will help skin look smoother and firmer. It also helps with suppleness and retaining moisture, creating a dewy glow.

Silica first goes where your body needs it the most. If your body is deficient and needs silica for maintaining internal functions or organs (such as lungs, heart or arteries) it many take a little longer for the external benefits to be obvious.

Order Lumino’s Support Formula for Hair, Skin and Nails from All Natural Earth Products.


Chaga Mushroom Tea for Calm Energy


Tea has been closely intertwined with Buddhism since the first traveling monks discovered it in China.

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is a medicinal mushroom and one of the most nutrient dense foods.

According to Lhasha Tizer the word Chaga in Pali means relinquishment. This letting go is from the heart and is related to loving kindness and compassion.

Many centuries later, the word Chaga was adopted by Siberian shamans. This tea was consumed before taxing activities to increase endurance and taken to alleviate fatigue after long periods of exertion.

Unlike most dark black beverages, Chaga is naturally caffeine free.

However, as a botanical adaptogen, it produces a calm energy and enhances the body’s ability to cope with anxiety and fatigue.

Chaga mushrooms flourish best in extremely cold climate with winter temperatures well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

This superfood requires careful temperature and humidity conditions before milling into a fine powder.

Chaga is a healthy delicious hot or cold beverage, in addition Chaga can be used for making Kombucha and Chai. Many people add Chaga to their coffee for the health benefits and added natural energy.

Discover the Health benefits of Chaga Mushroom Superfood.

Brewing instructions and recipes included with every purchase of Chaga Mushroom Powder.


Silica Savvy Solutions for Healthy Living by Tui Rose


Everything you want to know regarding Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for people, pets and home can be found in this informative book. You will find this book loaded with testimonials from users, an extensive background history and medical studies.

Diatomaceous Earth’s benefits for human health and beauty can be found in Chapter 4. Along with removing toxins, the Silica in the DE is enormously beneficial to the human body.

The human body needs Silca to survive. Modern farming techniques and food processing has lessened the amount of Silica we receive from our foods. As we age, we lose the ability to retain Silica, making it necessary for daily supplementation.

Some of the benefits to the human body include;

Silica treats disease and symptoms of hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, dermatitis, joint and bone pains, thinning hair, nails, bones and other ailments and symptoms of silica deficiency. Silica stops the leaching of minerals and helps deposit other minerals such as calcium into the bones.

Research scientists documented in Nutrition Today July/August 1993 that silicon is essential for forming and maintaining normal healthy bones, blood vessels, and brain cells.

Above are just few of the human benefits discussed in Chapter 4. The entire book is filled with the many uses of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for humans their pets and around the home.

Find Tui Rose books for healthy living at Amazon.

Find a Retailer Near You Carrying Diatomaceous Earth for People, Pets and Home.
Find Reviews on Amazon for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for People, Pets and Home
Find more information regarding DE’s many uses, after you click Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth scroll down for more articles.

How does Diatomaceous Earth produce so many health claims?

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

An ever-increasing number of individuals are writing, blogging and posting on YouTube regarding the miraculous results they have experienced with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE). The wide variety and number of these reports is truly mind-boggling.

Obviously, this is more than wishful thinking and group thought. So how does Diatomaceous Earth produce so many health claims?

Eventually, the answers became obvious. DE indirectly causes these healing phenomena by ridding the body of parasites, bacteria, protozoa, endotoxins, e-coli, fungi, viruses, pesticide and drug residues, heavy metals and yeasts.

Once these harmful substances are lessened or removed, the body’s immune system can flourish, attacking underlying conditions such as: acid reflux, fibromyalgia, candida, lyme, colitis, high blood pressure, eczema, hot flashes, psoriasis, asthma, elevated cholesterol levels, and diarrhea.

How DE removes these undesirables is not completely understood, however, the conventional wisdom is that most of these parasites, bacteria, etc are highly positively electrically charged and prefer an acid environment. DE is highly negatively charged and is alkaline. This causes some substances to be attracted to and then bound to the DE. Others are distressed by this unfriendly environment, which makes them release their hold on the intestinal tract, dying from malnutrition they are then eliminated from the body.

The prevailing theory is that most of the beneficial bacteria, fungi and other useful organisms living in the gut are also alkaline and negatively charged so they are not affected by the DE. Supplementing DE with probiotics is useful, however, it may not be necessary.

The electrical charge mentioned above should not be confused with Gram positive and Gram-negative particles. The “gram” term relates to what happens when staining a tissue to view, not to its electrical charge.

The best Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is over 89% Silica. The Silica in DE stimulates the metabolism for higher energy levels. Silica works with other antioxidants to slow premature aging. The presence of sufficient silica in the intestines supports the intestinal tract balance.

Silica can help treat arthritis naturally by reducing inflammation in the joints, increasing the production of collagen to lubricate joints, and rejuvenating the elasticity of tissues to restore the natural flexibility in the joints.

Silica supplementation helps maintain vital lung tissue, while protecting lungs from pollution. Silica helps support and preserve bone density and strength. It also promotes stronger nails, healthier hair and longer eyelashes.

Find a Retailer Near You Carrying Diatomaceous Earth for People, Pets and Home.
Find Reviews on Amazon for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for People, Pets and Home
Find more information regarding DE’s many uses, after you click Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth scroll down for more articles.