The Worlds Best Masque for Mature Skin

Not all masques for mature skin are created equal. Lumino’s World’s Best Masque is unlike any other.

Lumino’s masque never dries and hardens. Because it contains no water, only oils, it stays pliable. This masque is especially beneficial for mature skin, since it deeply moisturizes rather than dehydrating the skin.

The Worlds Best Masque is a unique combination of Calcium Montmorillonite Clay, French Clay, and Diatomaceous Earth. These are combined with a variety of organic sea algae including Bladderwack, Rockweed and Sea Lettuce.

These dry ingredients are blended with organic seed, coconut and castor bean oils.

The masque can be used as either a traditional masque that you apply, leave on for 20-30 minutes and remove or as a quick cleanser where you apply, gently scrub and remove immediately.

The masque is easy to apply and is even more impressive when it is removed. Acting like a magnet, it collects thousands of dead skin cells and other debris, cleaning and opening the pores for moisturizing and rejuvenating oils.

The Worlds Best Rare Botanical Oils that come this the masque are a blend of natural oils selected because of their long history of use by indigenous people. For centuries these oils have been an integral part of the skin care regimen for people living in extremely harsh climates.

The four oils in this blend are Jojoba from the Sonoran Desert, Kalahari Desert Oil, Argan form Morocco and Marula native to Mozambique. These oils are absorbed into the skin quickly, leaving a dewy softness.

As we age, cell turnover slows down, resulting in thinner skin and accumulation of dead skin cells. This causes dull looking skin with a rough, flaky texture. An effective exfoliate removes the top layer of dead skin cells. Your natural glow returns and your skin produces more cells, reversing the the thinning process.

For thousands of years masques have been used for skin clarification. The combination of clays, algae and botanical oils produces a masque with powerful exfoliate abilities. Try the best all natural at home masque at no risk. If you are not 100% satisfied with The Worlds Best Masque we will refund your money, no questions asked.


Soups Recipes Boosted with Superfoods

Chef Julie Morris has selected 100 of her favorite Superfood soups. All are loaded with nutrient-dense and plant-based whole foods. Along with beautiful color photographs, the book is full of helpful soup-making advice and information.

“The flexible recipe structure of soup provides an ideal format for easily heightening nutritional value in so many ways.” Julie Morris

Vegetables and fruits, legumes and grains, nuts and seeds are boosted with such scientifically lauded superfoods such as chia, medicinal mushrooms, turmeric, and kale.

Soup recipes range from chilled soups, smooth and creamy soups to chowders, porridge, stews and chili. Every healthy bowl delivers nourishing deliciousness.

This beautifully photographed and informative cookbook provides you with knowledge about the health rewards of superfood soups, soup cleanses and rejuvenating broths.

Find more information and preview pages for Superfood Soups cookbook by Julie Morris.

Super charge your soups even more with Chaga Mushroom Elixir. Three ounces of Chaga powder will give you 72 caffeine free cups of Chaga elixir with potent antioxidants and nutrient dense super food.

Due to its exceptionally high levels of immune system-boosting antioxidants, beta glucans and betulinic acids, Chaga was recognized as one of the “Healthiest Super Foods of 2015 by Food World News.


Safeguards for Salmonella and Parasites in Backyard Chickens

Diatomaceous Earth for ChickensChickens and other poultry (ducks, geese and turkeys) can carry salmonella and parasites, with a little care you can guard against both.

Regardless if your backyard flock is cooped or free range, feathered friends can carry salmonella and parasites in their droppings, on their feathers, feet and beaks.

These germs can live in cages, coops, feed and water dishes, hay, plants and soil, anywhere poultry live and roam.

After being in contact with poultry, people can become infected with these germs when they put unwashed hands or equipment in or around their month.

There are simply ways to diminish the risk of infections from Salmonella and Parasites.

#1. Always wash your hands with soap and water right after touching live poultry, eggs or anything in their environment. Adults should supervise hand washing by young children. Use hand sanitizer. if soap and water is not readily available.

#2. Do not prepare food, eat or drink around live poultry

#3. Do not kiss, nuzzle, or touch the birds to your mouth

Cleaning the coop, floor, nests and perches on a regular basis will help to keep chickens and eggs clean.

Using OMRI listed Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (FGDE) will keep the cages and coops drier.

Dusting poultry with FGDE or adding it to a dust bath will control external parasites. FGDE added to poultry food and water will kill internal parasites.

Flock caretakers should purchase birds from hatcheries that participate in the USDA voluntary Salmonella Monitoring Program. This program is intended to reduce the incidence of salmonella in baby poultry that come from hatcheries.

For more guidelines visit, gov/features/salmonellapoultry.

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Make Your Own Silica-Rich Mineral Water

Drinking Silicon-rich mineral water every day is the most effective way to reduce an individual’s exposure to aluminum. You can make your own for only pennies a day.

Aluminum toxins are everywhere in our daily life including: beverage containers, cookware, cigarette smoke, aluminum foil, antiperspirants, cosmetics, antacids, sunscreens, all vaccines contain aluminum.

The number of neurological diseases connected to aluminum toxicity has been continuously increasing. Aluminum gradually accumulates in toxic amounts in tissues with slow rate of cellular turnover, like the heart, bone matter, and the brain. Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, MS, and other auto-immune or neurological diseases are manifested in the brain and its related nervous system, including the full autistic spectrum.

Mineral waters with high amounts of ionic silicic or Orthosilicic acid will lower the brain’s aluminum toxicity.

According to Dr. Chris Exley, PhD, silicic acid is the most bio-available and effective method to get the silica into the blood through the gut, and then into the brain matter. Here, it binds with the molecules of aluminum, safely leaving the brain cell tissue, and eventually eliminating it through the urine.

Dr. Exley, together with his team, gave 15 individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, 1 liter of Spritzer, a mineral water from Malaysia, containing 35mg/L (ppm) total silicon over a 12-week period. These subjects’ body burdens of aluminum, measured as urinary excretion, were significantly reduced over this relatively short period of time.

All participants showed reduced aluminum levels by 50-70%, and 8 of them no longer deteriorated, while 3 showed significant cognitive improvement. Mineral water with high amounts of ionic silicic or Orthosilicic acid will lower the brain’s aluminum toxicity, protecting it from Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, coconut oil is beneficial for reversing Alzheimer’s disease.

For more on this Keele University study visit, A Silicon-Rich Mineral Water Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Silica Rich Mineral Water Recipe

8 cups of water
2 teaspoons Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
½ teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar

Mix and drink daily. This mixture will give you a least 10 times more bio-available Silica than what is available in most commercially bottled mineral water. The cost for this Silica rich mineral water is only pennies a day.

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Silica Enhanced Diatomaceous Earth for Hair-Skin-Nails-Joints

Without adequate Silica supplementation the visible signs and painful symptoms of aging begin to manifest.

Silica is an essential nutrient needed to produce and maintain collagen. Lumino’s Silica Enhanced Diatomaceous Earth formula will substantially boost the body’s production of collagen.

Collagen is the major structural component of connective tissue in the body, providing tensile strength, firmness and stability to connective tissue. Collagen is found in cartilage, ligaments, tendons, bones, teeth, skin, hair and nails.

This Silica boosting formula will help thinning hair become healthier, fuller and more light reflective, unruly hair will become smoother and easier to manage. Those coloring their hair, may find that their own natural color is now more interesting.

Besides stronger and faster growing nails this Silica blend may decrease ridges and increase shine on nails.

This Silica enhanced formula supports the surface epidermal cells and the deeper layer of dermis skin cells. This will result in tauter, smoother skin, which is less dry with a dewy glow.

Because collagen is the major structural component of connective tissues, this Silica formula will improve cartilage, ligaments, and tendons while decreasing joint pain and increasing flexibility.

Lumino’s revitalizing Silica formula is derived from multiple sources of mineral and vegetal silica, co-enzymes and amino acids.

Suggested use: As a dietary supplement for adults, take one tablespoon daily in 8 to 16 ounces of water. If desired can be mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar liquid, or as directed by healthcare practitioner.

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Healthy Nutritional Soups and Smoothies

Big Book of Smoothies and Soups

In The Women’s Health Big Book of Smoothies & Soups, nutritionist Lisa DeFazio shares more than 100 blended recipes specifically formulated with the nutrients you need to fuel up and take on the world.

Reap the benefits and joy of eating more fresh fruits and veggies, from glowing skin to off-the-charts energy. Get all the nutritional benefits of whole foods and home cooking, minus the stress and mess.

Blended soups and smoothies are fast, super simple, extremely good for you, and don’t leave a lot of dishes to clean. These delicious smoothies and soups are an easy way to get in power foods that keep your body energized and your mind sharp.

Having a stressful day? You can find smoothies to help you unwind. Battling a stubborn winter cold? Try an immunity-boosting soup.

Grab your blender and eat your way to better health with the Big Book of Smoothies and Soups

Super charge your smoothies and soups even more with Chaga Mushroom Elixir. Three ounces of Chaga powder will give you 72 caffeine free cups of Chaga elixir with potent antioxidants and nutrient dense super food.

Due to its exceptionally high levels of immune system-boosting antioxidants, beta glucans and betulinic acids, Chaga was recognized as one of the “Healthiest Super Foods of 2015 by Food World News.