Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth Brandon FL | Natural Insecticide Brandon Florida

Lumino Pure Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is the fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by one-celled aquatic plants (diatoms).  Over the eons, as these diatoms fossilized, they retained their tubular shape and holes.   Their shape and hardness produce extremely pure and consistent DE.  DE works with a physical or mechanical action, not a chemical one.

It can be used as an insecticide/pesticide for your pet, a natural deodorizer or non-toxic cleanser.  It can also be used internally for immune system support and as a dewormer.

Lumino supplies Chuck’s Natural Food Marketplace in Brandon FL with Pure Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth.  For more on this amazing product that is safe for pets, humans, plants and the environment or find a retail store near you, visit


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Home Santa Rosa Beach FL | Natural Home Care Products Santa Rosa Beach Florida

Keep your home clean and fresh with Lumino Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.  This organic alternative cleaner can be used as a natural deodorizer in garbage cans, kitty litter boxes, vacuum cleaner bags and refrigerators.  For a non-toxic cleanser, mix Diatomaceous Earth with dish soap to form a paste or sprinkle dry powder on wet or dry mud spots.  It can also be used as a silver polish.  It  is chemical free, non-toxic, and safe around humans and animals.

Lumino Home supplies For the Health of It, 2217 West County Highway 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL with Food Grade Diatomacious Earth for your home.  For more information about this amazing product or to find your nearest retailer, visit


Meadow Green Farms | Eco-Friendly Body Care Products Jacksonville FL | Natural Pet Care Products Jacksonville Florida

Meadow Green Farms offers a line of eco-friendly, highly effective, truly organic and natural body care products for the whole family.  All of their products are pleasant to use, quickly biodegrade, contain no toxic chemicals of any kind, and are safe for the entire family.

They also offer pet and equine shampoos that are hypoallergenic and contain no chemicals to irritate your pet’s sensitive skin.  Each castile based product is made from food grade ingredients, and they are currently applying for organic certification.

For more on these organic and natural body and pet care products for the whole family or to order online, visit

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The Big Bad Woof | Natural Pet Care Products Washington DC | Organic Pet Food Washington DC

Washington DC’s The Big Bad Woof provides access to organic, holistic and premium raw diets, and a wide range of alternatives including holistic and natural supplements for your pet. They realize it is important  that your pet have essential natural and organic pet care products that are good for their health and well being.

The Big Bad Woof is committed to providing nutritious natural pet foods for companion animals whether they are dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, or fish. Optimum nutrition will provide better health over the animal’s life span, a lowered risk of disease, and more vitality. Big Bad Woof offers premium, holistic, organic and natural raw pet foods and products for this reason.

For more information on organic and natural pet food and pet care, visit

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Pet Cottage | Organic and Natural Pet Food San Anselmo CA | Natural Pet Care Products San Anselmo California

For over sixty years Pet Cottage in San Anselmo, CA has provided organic and natural pet foods, holistic remedies, and nutritional advice for dogs and cats. Their goal is to help you find natural pet food and products. Foods, treats, toys and beds are all chosen to assure the safest, best quality in everything sold.

To help your pets achieve a healthy life, they give customers truthful, researched information and provide affordable and organic, natural pet care products that meet the highest standards.  They offer the highest quality natural pet foods for dogs and cats while educating pet owners. The Pet Cottage team researches all of their organic and natural pet care products to assure everything sold is the best available.

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Handcrafted Dog Food Rogers AR | Natural Pet Food Rogers Arkansas | Natural Pet Care Products Rogers AR

Bigwag Dog Bakery opened in Rogers, AR in July 2006 with a dozen varieties of natural handcrafted dog treats.  Today they still make their numerous varieties of treats by hand with high quality human grade ingredients with no added salt, sugar, artificial color or preservatives.

Over time their store has grown to include an array of other natural pet care products: natural chews that are made from animals raised and processed in the United States; toys and collars that are guaranteed for life; shampoos and grooming products; unique bedding options, affordable clothing, and the latest toys.

For more information on these delicious, handcrafted, natural baked artisian treats  and a variety of other natural pet care products for your four legged best friends, visit

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