Natural Gentle External and Internal Body Cleanse

Gently Cleanse Body Inside and Outside

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is wonderful for naturally cleansing both the inside and outside of your body.

External Body Cleanse:

For a gentle body and face exfoliation scrub; put two or three tablespoons of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in a plastic container and bring it in the shower with you.

Start with a small amount and gently massage all over your face and body, keep using until all DE is gone.

Rinse off, towel dry and apply your favorite moisturizing lotion or warm coconut oil. Your face and body will feel silky smooth.

This external cleanse can be used two or three times a week.

Internal Body Cleanse:

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth when used daily, cleanses your digestive tract and keeps it clean.

Directions: One tablespoon of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and ½ teaspoon organic apple cider vinegar in 16 ounces of water daily for 30 days. Add slice of lemon or lime for an added refreshing taste.

After the 30 day cleansing you may want to continue using DE for its many silica benefits, you can continue to take one tablespoon in 16 ounces of water, or reduce to one to two teaspoons in 12 ounces of water.

In 1972 Silica was recognized as an essential trace mineral for the human body. It is still the missing ingredient in many anti-aging programs.

For optimal silica benefits, DE should be 89 to 92 percent silica. Beware; some DE contain is as much as 37% clay, reducing the amount of silica available

If you think you might have parasites, see Eliminating Parasites

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Lumino Wellness Gentle Daily Cleanse

Published on June 21, 2016, in Natural Body Care.

Lumino Gentle Daily Cleanse

Everyday your body is assaulted with toxins, residues and sometimes a variety of ill-advised foods. You want your body to move these offenders through as gently and quickly as possible.

Lumino Wellness, known for the most tested and trusted Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, is introducing The Worlds Best Gentle Daily Cleanse support formula. This formula is non-habit forming and unlike laxatives will not make your system dependent on them to function.

Gentle Daily Cleanse is not a harsh laxative or purge, but a gentle and soothing formula for relieving the bloating and flatulence caused by the slow mobility of waste and toxins in the digestive tract. Your stomach will feel less stretched as the toxins and wastes are removed.

This daily cleanse is formulated with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, L-Glutamine, Acacia Senegal, Inulin Powder derived from Organic Agave, N-Acetyl L-Glutamine, Apple Cider Vinegar Powder and Magnesium Gluconate.

This powerful combination will improve bowel movement regularity, support beneficial intestinal flora, reduce bloating and cramping while quieting and calming the digestive tract.

Lumino’s Gentle Daily Cleanse will be available in retail stores in Autumn 2016. If you would like a 30 day trial size at no charge for product or shipping, simply go to Lumino Food Grade DE Contact Us, fill out your shipping information in the comment/message box and your support formula will be on its way.


Natural Sea Salt Body Scrub | Spa Quality Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

Published on April 5, 2013, in Natural Body Care.

Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub from All Natural Earth Products is a combination of dead sea salts and organic golden jojoba oil.  Dead Sea Salts have been prized for centuries for their therapeutic nature, when combined with jojoba oil this combination creates a vigorous mineral rich scrub.

The abrasive action of the salt exfoliates dead skin, allowing the nourishing jojoba oil to penetrate and ultra-hydrate for a healthy even glow.  Jojoba oil is the substance chemically closest to the sebum oil produced naturally by the skin.   This makes it one of the most permeable oils.   This superior absorption property makes the skin much softer and smoother.

The Mineral salts in the Dead Sea Salt Scrub formulation are harvested from the southern Dead Sea region. Here the mineral content is highest and salts from this region are used in the world’s most exclusive spas.

For natural home, body and pet care products visit,

Dead Sea Salt Scrub


All Natural Skin and Body Care Products | Spa Quality Natural Skin and Body Care

You can find spa quality all natural skin and body care online by visiting All Natural Earth Products.  They showcase the Lumino Line of products created from all-natural and organic ingredients without chemical, parabens and petroleum by-products.

Lumino’s Good Night Organic Skin Emollient is an all-natural luxurious blend of nutrient rich organic oils specifically selected for their capabilities to enhance the skin’s restorative cycles.  Most effective at night, this formula will rejuvenate the skin any time of day.

To learn more about Good Night Organic Skin Emollient and Lumino’s entire line of wonderful all-natural skin care products visit

All Natural Skin Care Products




Organic Tooth Polish Burnsville MN | Natural Dental Hygiene Products Burnsville MN

Whitening your teeth can leave cracks in the enamel open and exposed. Many of these enamel cracks are re-mineralized by saliva, and some cracks refill with organic debris allowing stains to appear.  If you whiten your teeth, you will be amazed by Lumino Organic Tooth Polish Powder that combines Montmorillonite clat and food grade diatomite minerals to encourage the re-mineralazation of your teeth.  This organic polish strengthens the teeth and prevents debris from lodging in the cracked enamel.

Lumino Organic Tooth Polish Powder can be found at Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville, MN.  To learn more about this remarkable natural and organic dental hygiene product or find a retailer near you, click on

Lumino Organic Tooth Polish Powder


Organic Skin Emollient Rochester NY | Natural Skin Care Products Rochester New York

Lumino Good Night Organic Skin Emollient is an all-natural blend of organic oils selected for their ability to enhance the skin’s restorative cycles. The water-free formula increases the skin’s ability to hold water providing a layer of oil while preventing water loss and lubricating the skin.

You can find Lumino Goodnight Organic Skin Emollient at Lori’s Natural Foods in Rochester, NY.  For more information on this remarkable all natural and organic skin care product that will rejuvenate the skin any time of the day, visit

Lumino Good Night Emollient