Adverse Reaction to Flea and Tick Products

This is predicted to be a banner year for fleas and ticks.  You will want to avoid adverse reactions to the flea and tick products you use on your pets

Many individuals reading this blog do not use toxic chemicals on their pets.  However, you may know someone who is.

One of the newest and most advertised chemical collar is Seresto by Bayer, it is of particular concern to Dr. Michael Fox, a veterinarian and bioethicicst with doctoral degrees in medicine and ethology/animal behavior.

He is anxious about the active ingredients they contain.  One is a nicotine chemical (Imidacloprid) that can cause seizures, thyroid damage, mutations, abortions and birth defects.  In 2013 the European Commission banned the uses of this chemical for two years.

The other ingredient is a pyrethin chemical  (Flumethrin) that can cause nausea, vomiting and seizures.

These collars are especially problematic for older, sick and small-sized pets.  Big healthy dogs do not seem to be quite as bothered.

I have concentrated on Seresto because they are advertising so heavily.  However, other chemical flea collars should also be avoided.

If you know of pets that have suffered an adverse reaction to any flea and tick product;

  1. File a report with the product registrant, contact information should be on the label.
  2. File a report with the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) by calling 800.850.7378.
  3. Insist that your vet report the incident to the Veterinary Pesticide Adverse Effect and Reporting portal at http://npic.orst.ed/vet.  Only Vest have access to this portal.

There are alternative non-toxic products for killing fleas and ticks.  One of the more popular is Diatomaceous Earth, which has been used for decades by pet owners.

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Apply Diatomaceous Earth on Cats and Dogs

Saint bernard puppy with three little kittens

It is simple to apply natural non-toxic Diatomaceous Earth on cats and dogs to kill fleas.

Put a small amount of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) in your palm, rub hands together, start with their head avoiding the eyes and nose. Next apply behind the ears, down the neck and chin.

Add more DE to the palm of your hand and massage into the pet’s coat as close to the skin as possible. In order to bite the host animal, fleas hang out close to the skin. Apply down the back including the tail and area where the tail connects. Rub DE on your pet’s haunches and legs and finally apply to their belly.

Do not bathe your pet for at least 72 hours. Apply Diatomaceous Earth to your pets once a week for three weeks. The first application kills the existing fleas, the second and third application kills the larvae and eggs as they hatch.

Fleas must come in contact with DE. Because the method of killing is by dehydration, fleas can not build up a tolerance like they do with toxic chemicals.

For successful flea eradication it is important to treat your pets and their living environment at the same time. To kill any fleas or eggs that may fall off your pet apply a fine layer of Diatomaceous Earth in their bedding and the areas they prefer in the home.

It is important that you only use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth or EPA approved Diatomaceous Earth around your home and pets.

Find retailers locally by going to Diatomaceous Earth Hotline.

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Natural Non-Toxic Elimination of Parasites in Pets

Eliminate Parasites in Dogs and Cats

Most pet owners do not realize their dog or cat has parasites until the worms (a form of parasite) pass to the outside. Other parasites are so small (giardia) that they are not even noticed with the naked eye.

Symptoms of Cats and Dogs with parasites include:

a dull coat – loss of appetite – loss of weight – development of a pot belly (especially in puppies) – low energy level – coughing – vomiting – diarrhea – “butt scooting” along carpet or grass

Rid Dogs and Cats of Parasites with Natural Diatomaceous Earth.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a natural alternative to toxic chemicals. Parasites will not become resistant to Diatomaceous Earth as they do with chemically based parasite control.

Use only Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth or EPA Registered DE for killing parasites. These Diatomaceous Earth powders are in their natural state and are not altered by extreme temperatures for other uses.

Feed Pets Diatomaceous Earth once a day in their food or water.

Kittens – ½ teaspoon
Cats and Puppies – ½ to 1 teaspoon
Dogs under 35 lbs. – 1 teaspoon
Dogs 35 lbs. to 50 lbs. – 2 teaspoons
Dogs over 50 lbs. – 1 tablespoon
Dogs over 100 lbs – 2 tablespoons

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Natural Non-Toxic Diatomaceous Earth for Killing Fleas

Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas

To kill fleas on pets, the fleas must come in contact with the Diatomaceous Earth (DE). Generally it takes 48 to 72 hours for dehydration and death to occur. Apply Diatomaceous Earth once a week for three weeks, as this natural non-toxic flea killer does not pierce the flea egg sac, thus reapplying is necessary to catch the new hatch-lings.

Apply Diatomaceous Earth full strength; start with one teaspoon for cats and small dogs and one or more tablespoons for large dogs. There is no buildup of tolerance like there is with poisons because the method of killing is by dehydration, not toxic chemicals.

Apply to your pet’s coat massaging it as close to the skin as possible. Start at the head avoiding eyes and nose. Next apply behind the ears followed by the neck and chin. Go down the back including the tail and the area where the tail connects. Rub it on their haunches and legs and finally apply to their belly.

You must also treat your pet’s environment with Diatomaceous Earth. Fleas pass through a four-stage life cycle consisting of egg, larva, pupa and adult. The time it takes to complete the life cycle from egg to adult varies depending on the temperature, humidity and the amount of food available.

Eggs are loosely laid in your pet’s coat and can fall almost anywhere, particularly where the pet rests such as on rugs, carpets, furniture, dog beds, or kennels, apply Diatomaceous Earth in these areas.

Eggs hatch into larvae and need a protected environment and are attracted to dark places. They are normally found indoors in floor cracks and crevices, along baseboards, under rugs, carpet and in furniture or beds. To get DE in narrow, deep, or hard to reach places use a puffer bottle with a crack and crevice applicator or improvise with a plastic mustard/catchup bottle or turkey baster.

Keep dry and leave in place for at least 72 hours. Diatomaceous Earth can be left indefinitely in any inconspicuous space.

When killing fleas on pets, it is recommended that you use an EPA Registered Diatomaceous Earth product such as, Lumino’s Diatomaceous Earth for Pets. To find a pet store near you that sells DE, visit Diatomaceous Earth Hotline.

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