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Whole Foods Market reveals top food trends for 2018

The retailer’s global and local experts forecast up-and-coming flavors, products and culinary influences.

Shoppers are buzzing about functional mushrooms, which are traditionally used to support wellness as an ingredient in dietary supplement. Now, varieties like reishi, chaga, codryceps and lion’s mane star in products across categories. Bottled drinks, coffees, smoothies and teas are leading the way.

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If you prepare chaga correctly, it has a very mild flavor reminiscent of coffee, vanilla, and chocolate. Anyone who drinks chaga regularly will know this. What most people don’t know is that it acts as a powerful flavor enhancer for foods that have bitter notes as part of their profile, for example coffee, beer, wine and chocolate.

Hottest Food Trends of 2018: Can You Handle Mushroom-Infused Coffee? Simply put, it could be the year of mushrooms. Mushroom varieties like Chaga, Reshi and Cordyceps are know for their immunity boosting and antioxidant properties. Mushrooms will not only flavor your daily cuppa but may also feature in other drinks like teas and items like chocolates and candies.

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Mushrooms, collagen and MCT oil top Imbibe 2018 ingredient trend predictions. Consumers are taking a holistic approach to their health, which is why beverage development company Imbibe predicts that the top beverage ingredients in 2018 will be ones with cognitive, immune health and beauty claims.

Brain boosting beverages—consumers across multiple generations are seeking beverages that call out cognitive health benefits. Millennials and Gen-Zers are looking for focus and alertness and baby boomers are looking for anti-aging effects, enhanced memory and to ward off diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Mushrooms go mainstream—according to Imbibe, “Chaga, Reishi, and Cordyceps are the next “it” ingredients from the mushroom family, with extra emphasis on Chaga. They are adaptogens, rich in anti-oxidants and are associated with stimulating the immune system. Chaga is also suggested to support GI Health and improve cholesterol levels.

Stephen Daniells from Beverage Daily quotes a trend report from SPINS News and Insight that mushrooms are becoming a popular ingredient for beverages. “In prior years, medicinal mushrooms were found mainly in dietary supplement form but are now commanding consumer attention in ready-to-drink tea,” said the report.

Among the specific varieties, the greatest growth is being posted by Reishi, SPINS data shows surging sales of products with various types of mushrooms as primary ingredients. Reishi is up 91% for the 52 weeks ending September 4, 2016. Impressive growth is also posted for Chaga (up 46%), Cordyceps (up 19%) and Shitake (up 26%).

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Is Mushroom Coffee Even Better than Regular Coffee? Medicinal Mushroom coffee is very trendy at the moment and only seems to be picking up steam. Lovers of this combination say that it actually makes for a smoother overall flavor. Plus, you get even more antioxidants with less jitter-promoting caffeine.

Scientific research continues to show major health benefits of medicinal mushrooms, ranging from boosting immune function to even improving brain cells.

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