Delicious Super Healthy Functional Mushroom Beverages

If you can heat water without burning it, you can make the world’s best tasting and healthiest functional mushroom beverages.

All the work is done with M4 Mushroom Elixir.

Chaga, reishi, matsutake, and turkey tail mushrooms are gathered, dried, sliced and milled.

Our Steep Master combines these mushrooms with water. She then brews this mixture over several weeks, adding more mushrooms and water, until this elixir reaches its peak flavor and nutritional value.

This functional mushroom elixir not only has all the health benefits, it is also delicious, without any mushroom or medicinal taste or smell. This blend is full-bodied and tastes of strong black tea or dark rich coffee, with slight vanilla and caramel undertones.

Simply mix a one-ounce shot (2 tablespoons) of concentrate with 7 ounces of heated or chilled water, milk or other liquids to produce an 8-ounce beverage.

Another option is adding one or two ounce shots of the elixir to mochas, lattes, cappuccinos or other drinks and smoothies.

For centuries, medicinal mushrooms have been used for health and healing across many cultures, their many uses include: boosting the immune system, increasing endurance and mental focus while also relieving anxiety.

According to Food Navigator, interest in adaptogens such as medicinal mushrooms are on the rise in beverages. If this trend is to last beyond being a “flash in the pan”, these healthy beverages must also have an excellent taste.

M4 Mushroom Elixir has a great taste and all the health benefits.