Lumino Wellness Medicinal Mushroom Elixir Concentrate

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Discover the taste of a well-brewed cup of steaming hot or icy cold Medicinal Mushroom Elixir.

Extracting the maximum nutrients and flavor from medicinal mushrooms requires time and skill. After carefully preparing the Chaga, Reishi, and Turkey Tail mushrooms, Lumino’s “Steep Master” monitors the elixir concentrate for weeks before releasing it at its peak taste and nutritional value.

Lumino Wellness has crafted an elixir concentrate ready for you to create easy delicious super healthy beverages.

The standard dilution is 1-ounce shot (2 tablespoons) of this concentrate with 7 ounces of heated or chilled water, milk, or other liquid to produce an 8-ounce beverage.

This non-caffeine blend is full-bodied and tastes similar to strong black tea or dark rich coffee. There are slight vanilla and caramel undertones without any mushroom taste or smell.

It is so rich and tannin-free, many individuals find they can enjoy this beverage without cream or sugar.

Now caffeine-sensitive individuals can savor a delicious rich tasting beverage with dinner or later in the evening.

For the added taste and health benefits, include a one ounce shot in your morning coffee, tea, mocha or other drinks and smoothies. Foodies are finding ways to use this elixir concentrate in their cooking and baking recipes.

For more information regarding the many Medicinal Mushroom benefits use a simple Google search for “studies medicinal mushrooms”. You will discover hundreds of scientific studies for their benefits.

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