Soups Recipes Boosted with Superfoods

Chef Julie Morris has selected 100 of her favorite Superfood soups. All are loaded with nutrient-dense and plant-based whole foods. Along with beautiful color photographs, the book is full of helpful soup-making advice and information.

“The flexible recipe structure of soup provides an ideal format for easily heightening nutritional value in so many ways.” Julie Morris

Vegetables and fruits, legumes and grains, nuts and seeds are boosted with such scientifically lauded superfoods such as chia, medicinal mushrooms, turmeric, and kale.

Soup recipes range from chilled soups, smooth and creamy soups to chowders, porridge, stews and chili. Every healthy bowl delivers nourishing deliciousness.

This beautifully photographed and informative cookbook provides you with knowledge about the health rewards of superfood soups, soup cleanses and rejuvenating broths.

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