Grow Youthful with Diatomaceous Earth

Reverse the pain and signs of aging with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE).  The best DE is 92% silica and contains other minerals including magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.

Silicon levels decline as we age and are reflected in a progressive decline in health and acceleration of the aging process.  Diatomaceous Earth with high levels of the absorb-able form of silica can replenish the needed silica in the body.

Common signs of a silica deficiency include;

Soft, thin and brittle nails, thinning or loss of hair, thin skin with premature wrinkles and aging.

The Silica in DE is helpful in many functional areas of the body and can reverse age related issues. Silica helps to maintain bone health and reverse osteoporosis, support brain, nerve and vascular health, improve the immune system as well as increase flexibility in tendons and ligaments, eases join and arthritis pain, relieves symptoms of poor functioning kidneys and mouth ulcers.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth also cleanses the digestive tract by destroying parasites, protoza, bad bacteria and fungi.

Always use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.  DE is easily absorbed through the intestinal wall and does not accumulate in the body.  Daily supplementation is required to build up silicon levels.

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