Adverse Reaction to Flea and Tick Products

This is predicted to be a banner year for fleas and ticks.  You will want to avoid adverse reactions to the flea and tick products you use on your pets

Many individuals reading this blog do not use toxic chemicals on their pets.  However, you may know someone who is.

One of the newest and most advertised chemical collar is Seresto by Bayer, it is of particular concern to Dr. Michael Fox, a veterinarian and bioethicicst with doctoral degrees in medicine and ethology/animal behavior.

He is anxious about the active ingredients they contain.  One is a nicotine chemical (Imidacloprid) that can cause seizures, thyroid damage, mutations, abortions and birth defects.  In 2013 the European Commission banned the uses of this chemical for two years.

The other ingredient is a pyrethin chemical  (Flumethrin) that can cause nausea, vomiting and seizures.

These collars are especially problematic for older, sick and small-sized pets.  Big healthy dogs do not seem to be quite as bothered.

I have concentrated on Seresto because they are advertising so heavily.  However, other chemical flea collars should also be avoided.

If you know of pets that have suffered an adverse reaction to any flea and tick product;

  1. File a report with the product registrant, contact information should be on the label.
  2. File a report with the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) by calling 800.850.7378.
  3. Insist that your vet report the incident to the Veterinary Pesticide Adverse Effect and Reporting portal at http://npic.orst.ed/vet.  Only Vest have access to this portal.

There are alternative non-toxic products for killing fleas and ticks.  One of the more popular is Diatomaceous Earth, which has been used for decades by pet owners.

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