Diatomaceous Earth for People and their Pets

From blogs, tweets, websites, magazines, and articles, individuals are discovering the many health benefits and uses of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) for people, pets and their home.

The FDA has allowed Food Grade DE for use since the 1960’s.  The recommended amount is 2% dry weight.  If mixed with water use one teaspoon per two cups of liquid.

Both animal and humans ingest DE to eliminate parasites and worms.  Also, DE is a bio-available source of silica minerals for humans and their pets.

DE keeps kennel areas dry and odor free.  Lightly dust pets’ bedding for a flea barrier, DE will also absorb oils, dirt and smells.  For flea control on cats and dogs apply EPA registered or Food Grade DE by massaging the DE into their coats next to their skin.

DE is used inside and outside the home as a barrier against crawling insects.  DE is a natural deodorizer for garbage cans, vacuum cleaner bags and refrigerators.

Mix DE with water to form a paste to polish silver and clean jewelry

A small amount of DE sprinkled on toothpaste creates a vigorous tooth polish.  DE is used in facial masks and scrubs to absorb impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells.

All food grade DE is not identical.  The end product can vary depending on where it is extracted and how it is processed.  Look for DE containing 85% to 92% silica, it is whitish in color, neutral tasting, and odorless.  Other food grades can be dark, unsavory and odorous.

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