New Diatomaceous Earth Formulas for Health and Beauty

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) makes a profound difference in the lives of many individuals. For even more dramatic results, Lumino Wellness has combined DE with other well-tolerated pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Lumino’s two new and extensively researched formulas include the dosage and supplement facts on the labels.

These formulas address the two most common reasons for taking DE, one is for silica supplementation and the other is for GI tract relief with easier more regular bowel movements.

The Support Formula for Hair, Skin and Nails is a collagen, keratin, elastin and hyaluronic acid powerhouse. This unique formula combines DE, aloe vera, bamboo, Lysine, Proline, Biotin and apple cider vinegar powder. It supports and boosts the effectiveness of DE for beautiful hair, skin and nails as well as functional systems; bones, joints, heart and lungs.

The other new Support Formula for Gentle Daily Cleanse tackles a situation facing many individuals, bowel irregularity. This formula boosts the effectiveness of DE in solving the root causes, not just temporary relief other non DE remedies offer.

Lumino has combined DE with two types of the amino acid, L-glutamine for revitalizing the cell, mucous and villi, which line the intestinal tract, as well as non-bulking fibers of FOS and acacia.

These soluble fibers dissolve in the intestines into gel-like substances that the body’s probiotics feed on. In addition, they coat and lubricate the stools. This combined with restoring and nourishing the intestinal flora results in effortless bowel movements.

Order Lumino’s Support Formulas from All Natural Earth Products.

Products will be available in health stores nationwide in the Fall of 2017.