Not all Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is the same

Only a few (less than 10) of the 600 Diatomaceous Earth mines in the United States and Canada are rated USDA Food Grade.

The Food Grade designation measures the percentage of crystalline silica present as well as the parts per million of heavy metals. Mines exceeding the maximum allowances can’t be rated Food Grade.

Even the Diatomaceous Earth from the different Food Grade mines is not identical.

Depending on where it is extracted and how it is processed, the end product can vary from dark, smelly and bad tasting to a product like Lumino’s that is whitish, odorless and neutral tasting.

Redish or brownish DE contains a heavier concentration of other minerals such as iron or a higher percentage of clay. The amount of silica present is also variable. Lumino Wellness DE contains 92% silica along with other trace minerals and moisture.

Some manufacturers list DE as an inert ingredient. The active ingredients are a variety of oils, herbs and fragrances that have an overwhelming smell, which may cause sensitivity issues.

All Lumino Wellness DE products are 100% Food Grade Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth, with only one exception, Lumino’s EPA Registered Diatomaceous Earth for Pets.

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