Chaga Mushroom Kombucha Brewing

Published on January 9, 2017, in Chaga Mushrooms.


Chaga is called The Mushroom of Immortality. Kombucha is called The Tea of Immortality. What happens if they are combined?

Lumino Wellness decided to find out. In the summer of 2016, they began turning their Chaga powder into Kombucha for friends and family. They brewed Chaga Kombucha both with and without black tea.

Chaga is recognized as a medicinal mushroom, considered a nutrient dense powerhouse it was named a Super Food in 2015. Lumino Chaga is sustainability harvested in Alaska forests. It is carefully dried and then ground into the ideal size for brewing.

Brewing Chaga to release its nutrients and flavor is similar to brewing tea. Unlike some teas, Chaga is caffeine free. However, it does possess the strong tannic acids necessary for brewing Kombucha and Chaga makes wonderful SCOBY babies.

There are three options for creating Chaga Kombucha

1) Straight Chaga grounds for both 1st and 2nd fermentation
2) Tea and Chaga combined for both 1st and 2nd fermentation
3) Brewed Chaga for only the 2nd fermentation

Chaga Kombucha blends well with strong 2nd fermentation ingredients. One of Lumino’s favorites is the Jalapeno-Lime. The Raspberry-Lemon is sweeter and has an especially beautiful tawny color.

Want to add Chaga to your Kombucha creations? Visit and discover the wonderful health benefits and taste of Chaga Kombucha.

Lumino’s Chaga Powder comes with brewing instructions along with recipes for food and beverages.