Wild Chaga Mushrooms vs Cultivated


Wild Chaga Mushrooms, Inonotus obliquus, are found in cold temperate forests in the northern hemisphere. It is a rare and highly prized mushroom that grows on birch trees under extreme climatic conditions.

Humans have harvested wild Chaga for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. David Wolfe, a prolific superfoods author, has labeled Chaga the “king of medicinal mushrooms”.

Lumino’s Chaga Mushrooms are harvested from birch trees in a remote Alaskan forest, where the temperature is the coldest that trees will grow.

Guidelines in Alaska mandate that harvesting wild Chaga should not damage the birch tree host. Sustainable harvesting methods allow trees to recover from the harvest and fosters regrowth of the Chaga.

After harvesting, Lumino uses low temperature drying techniques to preserve all the vital enzymes and nutrients. The Chaga is then milled and packaged in large oxygen-bleached paper sachets for easy brewing. 100% wild-crafted Chaga mushroom powder harvested and processed in the USA.

Brewing the Chaga releases the essences and energies that have been stored in the Chaga fibers.

There are numerous commercially cultivated Chaga products. Instead of growing outdoors on birch trees under extreme conditions, cultivated Chaga is are often grown indoors and harvested just a few months after sowing into its growing medium.

Many of Chaga’s enzymes, antioxidants, and antibiotics appear to develop only as a side effect of years in a harsh environment. Cultivated Chaga is not involved in a struggle for survival and therefore will not develop the same range of complex antioxidants and other components.

Lumino’s Chaga Powder comes with brewing instructions along with recipes for food and beverages.