What to expect from Lumino’s Support Formula for Hair, Skin and Nails


When we are young, Silica levels in our body are high and our bones and joints are flexible. Our skin is supple and glowing. As we age, Silica levels decline and without adequate tissue levels of Silica, we manifest many of the symptoms of aging.

Lumino’s Support Formula is derived from multiple sources of Silica and amino acids.

After ingesting for just a few days, many individuals report that they have increased and longer lasting energy, a reduction in joint pain and movement is easier.

Another initial difference is how much stronger and faster fingernails grow, along with an increased shininess. This is followed by changes to the hair. Hair is more light reflective, smoother and easier to manage. Because this formula rebuilds hair shafts even the color becomes more vibrant. If currently coloring your hair, you may find that your natural hair color is more interesting.

Silica can be of great value when the skin begins to sag. Having sufficient and well-toned collagen from Silica will help skin look smoother and firmer. It also helps with suppleness and retaining moisture, creating a dewy glow.

Silica first goes where your body needs it the most. If your body is deficient and needs silica for maintaining internal functions or organs (such as lungs, heart or arteries) it many take a little longer for the external benefits to be obvious.

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