Chaga Mushroom Brewing Instructions

Published on April 11, 2016, in Chaga Mushrooms.

Chaga Brewed

Brewing instructions are for Lumino Wellness Chaga Sachets. Lumino’s oxygen-bleached cotton paper sachets are filled with a half-ounce of ground Chaga, making it easy and simple.

Important Brewing Tip: most of the tannin is released in the first brewing, so the more you re-brew with the same sachet, the smoother and better tasting the Chaga becomes.

Brewing Chaga in a Crock-Pot or Dutch Oven

In a crock pot, the best temperature is between 160-180 degrees F. This temperature is the low setting on most crock pots. To use a Dutch oven instead of a crock pot, add Chaga sachet and water and place in oven at 175 degrees F.

For your first brewing: Add one sachet to six cups of water, brew for eight hours. The first brew has the most tannin. See Chaga recipes for ideas on how to use this brewing for food and drinks.

For the optimal flavor, you should keep reusing the sachets until they tear. The more the sachets are brewed, the smoother and more full flavored elixir they produce.

After you have read about multiple re-brewing of the sachets on the complete Chaga Brewing Instructions, you will be ready to become a Chaga pro with Chaga Recipes for Food and Drinks.

For Chaga’s many health benefits, visit Super Foods – Chaga Mushrooms