Natural Exfoliating Mask Burnsville MN | Organic Facial Masque Burnsville Minnesota

For an “at home” treatment previously available only at the most exclusive spas, try The World’s Best Masque by Lumino Spa Origins. This combination of clays, algae and botanical oils producing exfoliating abilities able to penetrate areas of dead cells and deeply lodged oil and dirt particles.  When the masque is massaged off, these undesirable particles are removed.

As we age, the turnover of cells slows resulting in thin dull skin with a rough, flaky texture.  An exfoliating masque removes the top layer of dead skin.  Eliminating these cells allows your skin’s natural glow to return.

You can find The World’s Best Masque at Valley Natural Foods in Burnsville, MN  For more information on this remarkable natural and organic skin care product or to locate a retailer near you, visit

Lumino Spa Origins The World's Best Masque