Algae Exfoliating Masque Jericho NY | Natural Facial Care Jericho New York

The World’s Best Masque by Lumino Spa Origins is now an “at home” treatment previously available only at the most exclusive spas.

For thousands of years, masques have been used for skin clarification.   The combination of clays, algae, and botanical oils produces a masque with powerful exfoliating abilities.   This combination is able to penetrate areas of dead cells and deeply lodged oil and dirt particles other masques and scrubs cannot.

If you don’t generally exfoliate, the change in your skin’s appearance and texture will be transformational.   Eliminating these cells restores vibrancy to your complexion and allows the natural glow to return.

Lumino supplies Good Earth Beauty with The World’s Best Masque.  For more on this amazing natural skin care product or locate a retail store near you, visit